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Mar 4, 2010

Burning sphere Realistic Smoke Fx Experiment Fume Fx

Hi guys,
Actually Some days I am really busy to create something eye preparing visual effect. This is my Custom Built smoke fx which I develop for my Project &. Here I use some tricky work which really hard to make this smoke realistic.And i done it on 3ds max.No other software can give those detail fume. I need custom fluid fx.please comment…if you like this

Jan 19, 2010

Motion tracking test on top of building point

Dear friend, I am so tired to work on motion tracking.I done my work few weeks ago. But very lazy to post anything on my blog. I don’t get enough time because Recently develop some critical vfx solution on tracking.This shot main footage collection from hellboy sequence. and I just track my name. Just work on boujou and composite on after effect for basic test. I tested lot of thing for tracking for my next project. upcoming development are coming soon. thanks

Oct 14, 2009

Vfx demo reel recent update..

Dear friend Its my update reel where I work something new. and I inspired a new plugin 3ds max thinking particle which is best demandable particle system for feature film. and Then I seeking a new short like a plane crash hit by rocket. thanks

Sep 15, 2009

Building demolition with fume fx development

Hi, Dear friend/ brother, You already know I have a recent project about building demolition. And I try to see you basic concept of my development work. recently In my building demolition I just work with fume fx in this building demolition project. And its my first experiment work on fume fx. I just use rayfire tool for building demolition and then this animation I again work in fume fx. then its my middle process of building demolition development. if have any question please comment me thanks