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Apr 14, 2014

Coming soon Personal Super Computer For Advanced Research

Dear Friends,

Long time we are not developing visual effect solution for film or TVC but constantly improve our latest resource. After a long research we see there are lot of problem if we go to CGI Based programming where we need high performance Computing support and Thousand Core In a PC. Soon we will start with Personal super computer Which most demanding and professional for any work environment. Where we can use up to 700 GB Ram. and professional GPU and Nvidia Super computing solution. So We believe we will show you something special. We are really sorry For Thats late update issue. However We will coming soon again with Lot of Critical Block Buster Movie TVC FX solution. Good news is Our research already proven with lot of Film and TVC In Bangladesh Film. Many people follow us about the concept and solution. Sometimes we got lot of offer from low budget film But We refused at the moment. So please keep in Eye and check our latest research update.

Our current research with Mental Ray Best product visualization, rendering lighting solution without too much rendering time.


Personal super computerThank

Apr 3, 2012

Hello world!

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Jul 17, 2009

Vfx Demo Reel.

Dear friend recently I worked with a demo reel which develop my self… Just see it. I work on 3ds max, maya, houdini, adobe after effect, motion synthesis,after burn, fume fx. Dear friend in this reel I work about 3ds max particle system,live action footage background plate, city bombing,fluid simulation, stromy sea, lava debris falling, man on fire, maya fluid solver, fire effect, explosion, specially work with a fire object faling on floor and vanish like liquid. if any thing need just comment thanks



[email protected]


Jun 13, 2009

Rupchada TV Commercial Bd on Fluid simulation.

Dear friend,

Recently we developed a tv commercial on Rupchada Oil add in Bangladesh. Our team work on this commercial. Basically I worked on Realflow for fluid drop splash and make a crown. Then our team developed its material and other unit. I worked on realflow and import that mesh on 3ds max then apply material then composite it on adobe after effect. thanks…

Tags: fluid effect, special tv commercial,realflow
Mar 2, 2009

Realistic visual effect simulation havey dynamic worked on Hollywood industry

This a demo for you who are very aggressive to know how hollywood film Realistic visual composite with a scene which are really realistic and believable. But hollywood done Those scene simulation with lot of fake think which we can’t amazine. Some tricks about trade secret tutorial basic structure thinking about done worked by me.So enjoy this and comment about than. Recently I published its dynamic tutorial which very hard and realistic making effect…thanks


Nov 23, 2008

Recent project modeling car


recently I working with a realistic 3d car with composting in after effect environment with frog. But My pc render slow so Can’t work mental ray render. So can’t work with camera movement. working in 3ds max, and after effect.
here is that screen shot.