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Feb 4, 2012

3D Trail by Sidefx Houdini

Recently just research aobut side fx houdini. although I have 1.5 years experienced in houdini. start work again in houdini particle dynamic, phython expression. I just made it by houdini particle dynamic using popnet, copy stamp function color correction by after effect..


Sample 1

Jan 1, 2012

Realistic Realflow Water

After long research successfully achieve Realistic water. I just used real flow and 3ds max. analysis it for Hollywood short film faucet water sequence.

Jul 22, 2011

Man Reintegration particle fx by rarcntv

Dear friend,

Long time later. I just finish an music video where my client requirement particle reintegration effect.I just done it using Trapcode form.


Jan 11, 2011

Develop BBC TV show As CGI Developer

Dear guys,

I know you always try to looking my work and concept But I am very sorry I am too busy with my Other work.I think you already saw BBC Bishaash director indra bhose.I am CGI Developer.So I hope you will enjoy. But I am not interest about this type of effect production. Thats why I am leaving. But at the first stage to 25 Series I research for concept and resource. All the total team Concept,Research and resource are provided by me. Anyways Right now I want to develop more my self. I have some USA Client I work for them. After successful BBC and Special Effect TVC. I decided to Establish a company. So I am much more thinking about make a company here is my new site extorfx. I am really sorry I can’t provide anything into my blog for some case. Hopefully I will provide something new in my site.

here is our breakdown


Apr 27, 2010

Vfx Demo reel 2010 New Release

Hello fx guys,
here I submit my new exciting show reel with lot of new vfx realistic visual effect concept work. here you can see lot of different technique and I already mention that which software I used in title are following work such as motion tracking, car visualization with HDR technique, interior room visualization,particle effect,fluid effect, 2d & 3d planar tracking,building demolition plane crash,thinking particle fx,houdini dynamic,Boujou,mokey, monet tracking solution,live action tracking,R & D fx development,Krakatoa Fx, Realistic smoke creation & etc. If you have any question please comment this. thanks

Mar 21, 2010

man particle effect krakatoa

this is the basic concept to making of spiderman 3 sandman. I am recently develop a shot like sandman particle effect. I analysis it how they make it. and show you the concept. its really most difficult gigantic work to make sandman. actually There R&D team experiment it and try to rendering about 10000000 million particle at a time. which really not possible for highest level cpu. think if you render 1000000 million particle is your pc working properly?anyways I just render atleast 100000. particle at a time for making the effect.I just develop the concept for my team. This is they secret of making Hollywood particle effect.those particle effect already use lot of Hollywood feature film big budget can try this.

Mar 21, 2010

particle rendering visual effect Krakatoa

welcome back again, I am really busy for some most difficult shot fx solve. I just made this particle effect for the basic concept its not my work. just a R&D work to show my team very strong knowledge to make a particle effect shot like spider man 3 sand man.I research it a lot how they can make and how they adjust its on live action its really difficult to understand general people. what do you think about making of sand man? are you know how many particle are render in making sand man? its about 10000000 particle are render to make sandman creation. which not possible in highest level cpu. anyways in my shot I just render 100000 particle a time in my core i7. For more development we need workstation graphics card for hyper realistic particle rendering. thanks.

Jan 20, 2010

motion tracking Explosion experiment

Recently Test a motion tracking apply on fire footage. and try to composite footage and tracking and then position that footage. This is the hardest part to stabilize this fire. so this is another test

Jan 19, 2010

Motion tracking test on top of building point

Dear friend, I am so tired to work on motion tracking.I done my work few weeks ago. But very lazy to post anything on my blog. I don’t get enough time because Recently develop some critical vfx solution on tracking.This shot main footage collection from hellboy sequence. and I just track my name. Just work on boujou and composite on after effect for basic test. I tested lot of thing for tracking for my next project. upcoming development are coming soon. thanks

Sep 15, 2009

Building demolition with fume fx development

Hi, Dear friend/ brother, You already know I have a recent project about building demolition. And I try to see you basic concept of my development work. recently In my building demolition I just work with fume fx in this building demolition project. And its my first experiment work on fume fx. I just use rayfire tool for building demolition and then this animation I again work in fume fx. then its my middle process of building demolition development. if have any question please comment me thanks