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Jan 10, 2013

Realistic Juice rendering by Houdini

Recently just study on realistic juice rendering using shop,vop,vex custom material using node based material system and sss multiple node and variable . Design custom glass material, juice glass material, juice material and few other node in object node. assign all material particularly in object custom material source separately. final render done by ray trace rendering system using mantra rendering.

Realistic juice rendering by houdini

Behind the scene screenshot

Apr 14, 2010

fluid man effect like terminator 2 mercury man in houdini

Hi guys,
a month ago I try to Research about fluid man effect making concept like terminator 2 Mercury man. Its really too hard to get realistic result. Its really very difficult to achieve this result.and this effect completely work in other 3d software like houdini. But if you try to run houdini in your i core 7 or general gaming computer such as Core 2 duo, Core 5,core 1 with High Graphics card or can’t do this.Because its use highest performance memory like 950000 KB in your task option.Anyways I just use 2 Dual core Xeon processor 5500 Series with 16 GB Ram & A ATI Pro PCI card. Its not enough but good to work. So Overall I use workstation with 1 TB hard disk,And I just run houdini and work about it concept and understand the scale of fx level and material. But Its really hard to understand the parameter. If you are a vfx artist I think you already know about houdini . visit which software used in recent Hollywood blockbuster vfx award movie avatar,research film 2012,GI Joe Etc. Its really hard but you can try this with online resource and other is the basic concept to how hollywood used in terminator 2 movie,Its detailing level so hard and this sequence work fx team together and render in render firm. But I just render a workstation and a single pc. if have any question please comment. thanks