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Jan 11, 2011

Develop BBC TV show As CGI Developer

Dear guys,

I know you always try to looking my work and concept But I am very sorry I am too busy with my Other work.I think you already saw BBC Bishaash director indra bhose.I am CGI Developer.So I hope you will enjoy. But I am not interest about this type of effect production. Thats why I am leaving. But at the first stage to 25 Series I research for concept and resource. All the total team Concept,Research and resource are provided by me. Anyways Right now I want to develop more my self. I have some USA Client I work for them. After successful BBC and Special Effect TVC. I decided to Establish a company. So I am much more thinking about make a company here is my new site extorfx. I am really sorry I can’t provide anything into my blog for some case. Hopefully I will provide something new in my site.

here is our breakdown