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Oct 27, 2011

Real Flow vfx Test

Dear viewer,

Long time I am not working on 3d project. But I registered a company name extor. Recently I just start working on Vfx Project development for my usa client. Just try to make a render by realflow & 3ds max.

Apr 27, 2010

Vfx Demo reel 2010 New Release

Hello fx guys,
here I submit my new exciting show reel with lot of new vfx realistic visual effect concept work. here you can see lot of different technique and I already mention that which software I used in title are following work such as motion tracking, car visualization with HDR technique, interior room visualization,particle effect,fluid effect, 2d & 3d planar tracking,building demolition plane crash,thinking particle fx,houdini dynamic,Boujou,mokey, monet tracking solution,live action tracking,R & D fx development,Krakatoa Fx, Realistic smoke creation & etc. If you have any question please comment this. thanks

Apr 18, 2010

Car visualization vray in 3ds max with HDR Technique

guys, Here is the sample video of my car visualization render in vray 3ds max with HDR technique.I already show you the concept about HDR image based lighting or reflection technique. its a sample video of this car visualization like need for speed.

Apr 12, 2010

Product Lighting,Rendering and visualization in Vray

Hello guys/friend,

Some day I am studying in product lighting,rendering & product visualization, Its really important for everyone 3d artist, Some are email me for asking some question like product lighting,rendering and visualization, I had been working for our next product lighting and visualization in GP modem Bangladesh. So here are some tips about product visualization, We will always try to use HDR images in every step where you get realistic result. But you need to more study about HDR pipeline. Its really important to understand the HDR fake technique which I also used for my car visualization lighting, rendering, have no other solution to get realistic lighting in your project. Just use HDR and collection HDR try to reflect with any object you will get result. Here is the sample images I worked. I just collect a 3d Car model (Bugatti Veyron) & use the HDR technique with Vray render.also use simple spot & omni light in 3d max.

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Mar 4, 2010

Burning sphere Realistic Smoke Fx Experiment Fume Fx

Hi guys,
Actually Some days I am really busy to create something eye preparing visual effect. This is my Custom Built smoke fx which I develop for my Project &. Here I use some tricky work which really hard to make this smoke realistic.And i done it on 3ds max.No other software can give those detail fume. I need custom fluid fx.please comment…if you like this