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May 2, 2014

CG Integration in Live Action

Hello friends,

In my previous post I told you We are working with some special techniques I believe still its unknown for us who believe composting can do everything. But I am totally disagree with them. I understand there are lot of people still doing this technique. But What We research and Find out solution CG Element integration in live action. We are working lot of project in fact some good animation. But due to our material research issue we can not integrate with live action footage. So its a good challenge. I am studying some reference and see something new.In this case what I believe possible to integrated real scene. May be you have a question how to make transformer 3 or even very high quality images film or video. We should think about rendering time etc. But Its really interesting actual CG Element made with very simple rendering time. Thats why its possible to make a 3 hours movie with shot time frame. Each image maximum render time 5-10 min. may be your question which render system they use for . I was thinking It was vray but infact I was wrong. How ever the render system simple mental ray. Its interesting. why mental ray because it can generate physical light based images with a second. I know 3ds max more than 10 years. But seriously less interested Because We made some cartoon animation not like Hollywood film. after 10 years I got my answer and successfully created that live action cg element. Its not a final finish just for concept idea and test. There is a excellent behind the scene thats why most people or studio failure to do CG Integration. Anyways please check the images below what I try to integrated in a scene. Still its a still images But any environment not a matter.

Mental Reay CG Integration


Hope Enjoy.