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Mar 21, 2010

man particle effect krakatoa

this is the basic concept to making of spiderman 3 sandman. I am recently develop a shot like sandman particle effect. I analysis it how they make it. and show you the concept. its really most difficult gigantic work to make sandman. actually There R&D team experiment it and try to rendering about 10000000 million particle at a time. which really not possible for highest level cpu. think if you render 1000000 million particle is your pc working properly?anyways I just render atleast 100000. particle at a time for making the effect.I just develop the concept for my team. This is they secret of making Hollywood particle effect.those particle effect already use lot of Hollywood feature film big budget can try this.

Mar 21, 2010

particle rendering visual effect Krakatoa

welcome back again, I am really busy for some most difficult shot fx solve. I just made this particle effect for the basic concept its not my work. just a R&D work to show my team very strong knowledge to make a particle effect shot like spider man 3 sand man.I research it a lot how they can make and how they adjust its on live action its really difficult to understand general people. what do you think about making of sand man? are you know how many particle are render in making sand man? its about 10000000 particle are render to make sandman creation. which not possible in highest level cpu. anyways in my shot I just render 100000 particle a time in my core i7. For more development we need workstation graphics card for hyper realistic particle rendering. thanks.

Mar 18, 2010

Interior Scene Visualization Make picture Photo realistic

Hi guys/friend, I am really busy for my experiment so that I can’t update my blog. anyways recently I am working on interior Visualization photo real image making. Here I render different solution for visualization rendering make still Image. I use 3ds max geometry import it to another application and material & reflection, shadow, Environment image all are done from there. And finally Top Lighting touch for lighting glow & adjustment in Photoshop. Then make a the Final image.

Mar 4, 2010

Burning sphere Realistic Smoke Fx Experiment Fume Fx

Hi guys,
Actually Some days I am really busy to create something eye preparing visual effect. This is my Custom Built smoke fx which I develop for my Project &. Here I use some tricky work which really hard to make this smoke realistic.And i done it on 3ds max.No other software can give those detail fume. I need custom fluid fx.please comment…if you like this