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Sep 15, 2009

Building demolition with fume fx development

Hi, Dear friend/ brother, You already know I have a recent project about building demolition. And I try to see you basic concept of my development work. recently In my building demolition I just work with fume fx in this building demolition project. And its my first experiment work on fume fx. I just use rayfire tool for building demolition and then this animation I again work in fume fx. then its my middle process of building demolition development. if have any question please comment me thanks


Sep 10, 2009

Fume fx sphere burning research

Hi recently I research about fume fx for my building demolition scene. But For my working thesis for sphere. If I can burn sphere then I can burn any thing thats why I just burn a sphere and something. and its a basic understanding about fume fx for feature film.Most blockbuster film used it for heavy dynamic project.Its a realistic fire & smoke. if have any question please comment me thanks.

Sep 3, 2009

Building demoliton by Helicopter vfx test scene

Dear friend,

You already know I recently develop a sequence building demolition by helicopter. its a develop process test scene.Not fully complete, I just using a still short, and 3d model. 3 month research about it how to crash a building, building demolition physics, which software work and how work etc, I have a concept idea from transformer 2 movie meteor crash first scene on trailer. and I research it a lot. and I just select a Bangladesh, dhaka place, and work with its. its a first vfx work in dhaka.I need so high computer which I work best. that why I work slowly. anyways if you have any question then commment me. thanks

Sep 2, 2009

Visual effect company – investor wanted

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