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Feb 19, 2009

Realistic Building burining solution (Trade secret Tutorial)

Every day we see hollywood movie. and we are really surprised that how they work and we have lot of question about their work. I try to Give us best Solution about their dynamic work.This project first Our basic Idea To Realistic visual effect creation. How Hollywood Movie are work realistic Based.

This is basic 3d modeling building with photoshop sky replacement pic.

This is basic structure. In This image see Building And Maked with Red Pen. Which area we want to break on the building… Please Carefully flow the step.

3. This More concept about building breaking. and surprized part is Building break on Photoshop. hahah. Friend you thinking how its really possible. Really To imposibble step. Its is done my realistic effect. answer is is. This is their trade secret work which more dynamic and creative. Anyways They use texture, dirt,debris, And lot of chunks and some advanced texture to create realistic burning so This part is bit tricky….

Next part Coming soon which how they are make….. And This Tutorial part Next day. Keep watch it… thanks if can’t understand or having problem. just comment here.