Jan 4, 2015

Fire Logo Reveal By After Effect Particle

Hello Viewers,

How are you? Long time don’t have the time to post something new. Anyways still researching for new fx solution and Busy with Online Marketing. However We had done simple logo animation for our usa client. use a ready theme for animation and mix with particle logo animation by after effect Trapcode particular.



Jul 28, 2014

HP z820 worksation for Extor Future Visual effect research Project

Hello Friends,
After a lot of hope and patient just buy a workstation which type of computer used in Hollywood film creation,research purpose,digital content creation,visual effect, 3d animation and any kind of serious work.high end animation studio like Digital Domain. after 3 month Just come my pc from Singapore to Bangladesh. Hope We will find out something new 3d solution using this type of computer. after buy a Nvidia Tesla graphics We can called it personal super computer.To learn more visit http://www8.hp.com/us/en/campaigns/workstations/z820.html starting price 2439$ but Our starting price 3567$.We just buy it for research purpose. let see what we can do using this new computer


HP z820 Workstation

May 2, 2014

CG Integration in Live Action

Hello friends,

In my previous post I told you We are working with some special techniques I believe still its unknown for us who believe composting can do everything. But I am totally disagree with them. I understand there are lot of people still doing this technique. But What We research and Find out solution CG Element integration in live action. We are working lot of project in fact some good animation. But due to our material research issue we can not integrate with live action footage. So its a good challenge. I am studying some reference and see something new.In this case what I believe possible to integrated real scene. May be you have a question how to make transformer 3 or even very high quality images film or video. We should think about rendering time etc. But Its really interesting actual CG Element made with very simple rendering time. Thats why its possible to make a 3 hours movie with shot time frame. Each image maximum render time 5-10 min. may be your question which render system they use for . I was thinking It was vray but infact I was wrong. How ever the render system simple mental ray. Its interesting. why mental ray because it can generate physical light based images with a second. I know 3ds max more than 10 years. But seriously less interested Because We made some cartoon animation not like Hollywood film. after 10 years I got my answer and successfully created that live action cg element. Its not a final finish just for concept idea and test. There is a excellent behind the scene thats why most people or studio failure to do CG Integration. Anyways please check the images below what I try to integrated in a scene. Still its a still images But any environment not a matter.

Mental Reay CG Integration


Hope Enjoy.

Apr 14, 2014

Coming soon Personal Super Computer For Advanced Research

Dear Friends,

Long time we are not developing visual effect solution for film or TVC but constantly improve our latest resource. After a long research we see there are lot of problem if we go to CGI Based programming where we need high performance Computing support and Thousand Core In a PC. Soon we will start with Personal super computer Which most demanding and professional for any work environment. Where we can use up to 700 GB Ram. and professional GPU and Nvidia Super computing solution. So We believe we will show you something special. We are really sorry For Thats late update issue. However We will coming soon again with Lot of Critical Block Buster Movie TVC FX solution. Good news is Our research already proven with lot of Film and TVC In Bangladesh Film. Many people follow us about the concept and solution. Sometimes we got lot of offer from low budget film But We refused at the moment. So please keep in Eye and check our latest research update.

Our current research with Mental Ray Best product visualization, rendering lighting solution without too much rendering time.


Personal super computerThank

Jan 10, 2013

Realistic Juice rendering by Houdini

Recently just study on realistic juice rendering using shop,vop,vex custom material using node based material system and sss multiple node and variable . Design custom glass material, juice glass material, juice material and few other node in object node. assign all material particularly in object custom material source separately. final render done by ray trace rendering system using mantra rendering.

Realistic juice rendering by houdini

Behind the scene screenshot

Dec 27, 2012

Earth Logo Animation compositing by Nuke

hello friends, Long time later I have been working in World TOP Compositing software foundry nuke.day by day try to develop much more in nuke. just done a logo animation using nuke 3d system.the earth animation done by nuke 3d system and camera project.here is the idea how to do it. use nuke camera projection and 3d system texture a sphere as earth, then use camera projection to make background and integrated a camera earth and background , set a moon and logo. final render with motion blur and color correction. A great news we are finally Going make a commercial office for 3d animation and Internet marketing services. Due to huge response from lot of client , viewer and interested people we decide to make a office soon as possible. Keep in touch with us. Thanks

Earth Animation compositing by Nuke from Kazi Jakaria on Vimeo.

here is the compositing screenshot

Nov 7, 2012

Shower water Flow by Realflow

I had done this shot few month ago. A hollywood film director ask me to do it. I just used original footage referenced using model a faucet and make a water flow from faucet then import in 3ds max and render it.using after fx tracking on moving camera put faucet water and mach with camera.

Shower water Flow by Realflow from Kazi Jakaria on Vimeo.

Aug 23, 2012

car drift by fume fx

Live action car drifting Animation.High spacing render with mufti scattering render by vray.

Jul 22, 2012

fireworks or motion graphics animation

Making this particle effect by houdini procedural animation, using expression and python scripting,use mantra render. integrated particle with general animation. use custom compositing workflow in houdini to render animation.

Jul 5, 2012

Particle wave Transforming procedural animation

start box & grid and copy operation, with python scripting, create attribute integrated with particle turn on box, and particle simulation done by vector attribute custom script solution.after pop and shop and vex function. started layer and rop driver function.integrated uv project & material transfer attach with copy stamp function with few group geometry. here is the screenshot. very very complex animation in procedural  way.

complete animation